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About us

Briefit was created in 2016 by a group of Yale Law alumni to address the compliance needs of highly regulated industries. With an initial focus on banking regulatory compliance, the company has expanded its offering to cover a large number of U.S. and international regulators and supervisory bodies in multiple industries. Briefit provides a unique set of tools which ease the burden on compliance and legal personnel.

Regulatory Analysis Tools

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Regulatory Document Analysis

Use Briefit AI to analyze a document to find related regulations and guidance documents in real-time.

Filtered Notifications

A single source for filtered, focused notifications of new agency documents delivered to you daily.

Instant Regulatory Summaries

Quickly get the main points of regulatory documents with instant summaries.

Regulatory Search and Reference

Fast and accurate natural language search with a regulatory focus.

Change identification

See how the proposed versions of rules were modified in later versions.

Historical comparisons

Compare historical versions of laws and rules to the current version.

Document Analysis Tools

Learn more about our Document Analysis Tools

Clause comparisons

Compare changes in specific clauses of large document(s).

Clause Search

Find specific clauses within your documents in milliseconds.

Full Blacklining

Blackline any document against any other up to 50x faster than currently available blacklining software.


Uploaded documents are never stored on our system.

Mobile Ready

Quickly review or compare documents on the move. Briefit works on any mobile device.

Unified interface

All tools support using PDFs, Office, text or URLs in any combination using the same interface.